Sprig Fever

Cold Beer and Chicken Livers in Decatur

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When it comes to dinner and drinks, you’ve never shied away from a little excess.

Sea urchin martinis on a rooftop, sure. Ostrich sliders on the deck of a six-masted schooner, why not.

But for now, let’s take a step back and keep things simple. Salt of the earth, even.

Fried chicken livers and a cold beer should do...

Welcome to Sprig, a cozy little neighborhood spot with a strictly enforced no-pretense policy, opening Wednesday in Decatur. And we’re here to bring you the very first look inside...

If it helps, feel free to think of this as the restaurant version of a backyard picnic, just with more candlelight and better potato salad. Oh, and a big shiny bar. Which is where you’ll soon find yourself chatting it up with the husband and wife owners (who also happen to live next door) over a cold Wild Heaven Ode to Mercy or Brooklyn IPA.

But if you’re in more of a high-backed, woven booth kind of mood, you’ll find it in the back corner under the turquoise chandelier. Which happens to be the perfect spot to take on everything from Duck Sausage Risotto to Lamb Shoulder with kale and mint gravy.

Okay, so it’s a really nice picnic.

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