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Getting Your Robin Hood On This Weekend

UD - Archery Bow Range Chicago Apollo, son of Zeus.

Robin Hood, protector of Sherwood Forest.

Geena Davis, swashbuckler in Cutthroat Island.

Ted Nugent, Motor City Madman.


Other than making one hell of a jam band (and looking good in loincloths, togas and/or tights), these notable individuals have something in common: a way with a bow and arrow.

But while you can still rock your loincloth, a little target practice never hurt—so take aim at the Archery Bow Range Chicago, a new under-the-radar training archery range dedicated to helping you hit that bull’s-eye every time.

It’s from a trio of archers with a key understanding of the first rule of this noble sport: getting your hands on a bow and arrow. So you’ll be able to rent one of three styles of bows as easily as you rent shoes at the bowling alley. From there, you’ll enter a practice range and fire away at targets that are anywhere from 20 feet to 20 yards away.

What you’ll do with your freshly honed skills is up to you. Sure, there’s a whole wide world of Olympic biathlon gold medals to be won, income to be redistributed and apples sitting smugly on people’s heads that need to be removed. But leave that to others. Instead, concentrate on other matters...

Like making sure you have clean tights.


Archery Bow Range Chicago
1757 N Kimball Ave
(between Bloomingdale and Wabansia)
Chicago, IL, 60647

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