The Rooftop at the Green Room

Roofing It

Presenting the Green Room’s Rooftop

Deep Ellum is great, but it’s mostly bar bars.

So when the Green Room reopened a few weeks ago, you were excited because it meant a nice little date spot. And now, it gives you maybe its greatest, date-iest gift yet: a nice little drinks-and-dessert spot.

Introducing The Rooftop at the Green Room, your new home for rooftop eating, drinking and desserting, now open.

So imagine it: you’re on a date. It’s going well. She flawlessly sabered the champagne, and you found out you both love all things Don Cheadle. Dinner was good, but you want to keep the night alive, and you’re not quite ready to invite her back to your condo to watch Boogie Nights (or even Reign Over Me).

You’ll head to the Green Room, climb up a few stairs and find yourself on a platform that feels like something out of a Titanic deck party, but with more views of the Texas skyline and less Leo: think tables, chairs, two levels, a full bar and space for live music.

Order some Root Beer Crème Brûlée and maybe a couple of reds. And just so you know, you can also get anything from the menu up here, like the huge Braised Lamb Shank.

Every good date ends with Braised Lamb Shank.

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