Week ‘O’ Bacon at 3 Bar & Grill


More Bacon Than You Know What to Do With

UD - Week ‘O’ Bacon at 3 Bar & Grill We’ve always admired your self-control, your ability to maintain restraint in the face of total pandemonium.

But there are times when logic and emotion demand that you throw caution to the wind. When more is so much more.

Funny how those times tend to involve bacon.

It’s in that spirit that we give you the Week ‘O’ Bacon at 3 Bar & Grill, beginning tomorrow to bring you eight smoky, salty days.

That dream you had where you swaddled yourself in bacon: this is not unlike that.

Your odyssey will begin (as most odysseys do) at the bar. There, you’ll feast on happy hour bites like House-Cured Bacon on a Stick and the truly inspired Bacon Explosion—woven strips of bacon, stuffed with sausage, cheddar and more bacon, then breaded and deep-fried. Your cocktails: none other than bacon martinis and Bloody Marys made with infused vodka and garnished with... salt. Kidding: it’s bacon.

From there, you’ll want to lead your meat-loving compatriots to the dining room for a three-course bacon tasting menu, the coup de grâce being the Bacon-Studded Waffle with Maple-Bacon Ice Cream.

Should your schedule prevent you from returning every day, we suggest you clear your calendar for Saturday afternoon: that’s when the chef will conduct a bacon-making seminar, after which you’ll undoubtedly run home to turn your garage into a massive smoking operation.

Just watch for grease stains on your blueprints.

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