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Old-School Motorcycles and Shaves in Lakeview

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It’s Monday. The week ahead is just one big open road of possibility.

Now, let’s get you suited up for the journey.

Welcome to Isle of Man, a storehouse of classic cool in West Lakeview with everything you need for any given situation... and, better yet, some things you don’t.

Think of this place when you need a few basics for your next overnight trip: a badger-hair shaving brush, a framed vintage Penthouse cover... a vintage motorcycle.

You’ll walk into a musty, library-styled space that looks like what would happen if Wild One-era Brando opened a men’s shop. Then, you can start browsing for such essential nonessentials as turn-of-the-century steamer trunks, high-carbon steel butcher knives and a 1920s ball-and-chain from Louisiana’s Angola Prison, perfect for revitalizing that men’s ankle jewelry trend.

And because no trip to an old-school motorcycle shop is complete without an old-school straight-razor shave, you can book their by-appointment-only barber. You’ll be escorted to an old-time barber’s chair in the back, and soon your face will be ensconced in a series of eight steaming-hot towels to soften your skin.

We hear Brando would tap out after seven.


Isle of Man
3856 N Lincoln Ave
Chicago, IL, 60613


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