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A New Sushi Date Spot in Noe

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It’s good to cover your bases.

And what holds true for our NL West champs also applies to sushi...

So you’ll like that your mainstay Pac Heights sushi joint just locked down another bigger, badder locale in Noe Valley.

Welcome Tataki South, a spacious two-room oasis serving up out-there sushi rolls and yakitori, open now on Church.

Somewhere between a traditional Japanese sushi restaurant and a slick-looking clubhouse, Tataki South seems built to put you at ease—reclaimed wood walls, a log cabin vibe and water-fountain mirrors meant to mimic... waterfalls.

Start in at the sake bar, tucked away in the crimson-hued back room, and call upon the services of rolls like the 24-karat gold-flecked Golden State, or the yakitori like grilled Angus rib eye skewers.

While the flaming, rum-splashed Extinguisher Roll isn’t on the menu here, you can try the Russian Roulette Roll that’s served like you’re looking down the barrel of a gun, with a shot of sake in the middle. The person who gets the one super-spicy piece gets the sake...

But really, everybody wins.


Tataki South
1740 Church St
(at 29th)
San Francisco, CA, 94131


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