Dining in Complete and Utter Darkness

UD - Lights Out Miami Beach The dark is great for all kinds of things.

Sleeping. Lovemaking. Sleep lovemaking.

And now: multi-course dinners on South Beach.

Introducing Lights Out Miami Beach, a one-night-only event where you can eat in the dark at one of the city’s best restaurants, now taking reservations for your next nocturnal adventure.

Unless you’ve sat down to eat a lavish dinner during a blackout, you’ve probably never experienced anything like this before. The idea comes from Europe, where restaurants in Germany and France employ blind waiters to serve guests in pitch-black environs in order to heighten the guests’ other senses. (We know, we were just as surprised as you to hear Germany was involved.)

So this is how your night will go down. In a couple weeks, you and a brave dining companion will make your way to one of a dozen restaurants. (Five, in fact, will be going totally dark—Indomania, Catch 10, The National, OLA and Escopazzo—while the others will be giving you sleep masks.) You’ll be greeted by a waiter wearing night-vision goggles and guided to your table. That’s where you’ll sit down and begin your multi-course journey into darkness, eating and conversing without seeing a thing.

No, you can’t bring your flashlight flask.
Note: <a target="_blank" href="">Lights Out Miami Beach</a>, now taking reservations, October 20, 8pm, $35-$125, call restaurants directly to reserve

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