Spride Rite

Like Zipcar, but with Your Own Car

UD - Spride Share You’re an upstanding neighbor.

You make small talk in the elevator, you never stuff pizza boxes in the garbage chute, and if 3A needs to borrow a cup of sugar, you’re more than happy to lend some sweetness.

So we think you’re ready to take the leap. And by that we mean: hand over your car keys...

Enter Spride Share, a new car-sharing service that lets you rent out your wheels, accepting members into its pilot program now.

Now, since cars were built to be driven—and since you can’t always be behind the wheel of your DeLorean—here’s how it works: Spride covers gas, insurance and driving gloves (we think), and you get an hourly rate for letting a few lucky souls drive your car.

Once you become a member, they’ll outfit your car with a device (not quite KITT from Knight Rider... yet), and then your new renters can get into the car using a special card. After that, you’ll set your car’s availability and hourly rate online and revel in your unexpected windfall.

Of course, your car is something that shouldn’t blindly fall into just anyone’s hands, so you should know that you’ll be able to authorize who gets to drive it.

Like your old friend in 3A...

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