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South Beach’s New Ceviche Spot

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We have a couple things we want to say to you today.

1. Have a good weekend.

2. When you come back, be ready to dive into oysters, lobster, African fish and 15 kinds of ceviche, courtesy of a culinary wizard named Douglas Rodriguez...

Say hello to De Rodriguez Ocean, your new Havana-soaked seafood supper club, opening this Thursday on South Beach.

Yes, amigos, it’s true: the man who brought you picadillo tacos at De Rodriguez Cuba and foie gras empanadas at OLA is back. And you can think of this latest D-Rod effort as a Cuban version of a New England fish shack, all the way down to its wooden mermaids, lush tropical plants and 25-foot raw bar.

The spot is one of the only restaurants on South Beach located directly on the ocean (in the back of the Hilton Bentley hotel in South of Fifth), so you’ll want to come in here with a date, grab a table on the outdoor patio and dig into briny delicacies like New Oyster Rodriguez (crispy oysters, smoked veal, anchovy aioli).

But first, you’ll want to pick out a few things from the 15-deep ceviche bar—maybe corvina with grapefruit, maybe tuna watermelon with kumquats.

You can never go wrong with kumquats.

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