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Introducing the Suitcase Speaker

The iPod has given you the ability to house thousands of songs in your pocket, watch movies on the go and constantly misplace it (it’s under the couch, btw).

And now, it gives you the chance to hear music where you used to store socks.

Presenting BoomCases, a bunch of iPod sound docks made from old hard-shell luggage, now available online.

If Doc Brown ever channeled his genius toward fashioning handsome suitcases that also played music from your MP3 player, these would be his masterpieces. (Of course, his would also send small animals back to 1955, but that’s not important right now.)

So picture it: you’re headed to some rooftop party in the North End, where the need for suitcase-based audio is strong. Show up with one of these, fully charged (they offer 7+ hours of battery life), plug in your iPod and sit back as your favorite Zappa album pumps out crystal-clear. (The designer uses only wood- and leather-based cases, which translates to stellar sound quality.)

And because sometimes you gotta go big (read: six-foot trunk), you’ll be happy to know you can request a custom job, varying everything from the style and color of the suitcase to the size and power of the speakers.

Your move, Samsonite.

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