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Soho Grand’s New Club Room

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Dean Martin, Sean Connery, Ernest Hemingway...

All great men with one thing in common: an amazing singing voice. Oh, and they knew the importance of cocktailing while perched upon overstuffed furniture.

Like the kind you’ll find inside The Club Room, now open for your plushy furnished enjoyment at the Soho Grand Hotel.

Like so many things worth finding, the entrance to the Club Room is discreetly located past fake guard dogs, up a set of stairs, behind a velvet rope and through a small door, which at certain nocturnal hours will be blocked by a large man.

What he guards is a dark, homey space, where the couches are large enough to accommodate an entire fashion show’s worth of runway walkers, or just you in full repose. The furniture is arrayed around the main room so that each section feels like your private living room—especially if your living room is populated with leopard-print throw pillows and splayed palm trees, dimly lit by exposed bulbs and surrounded by photographs printed on brass plates.

Should you have a moment to look up, you’ll find you are drinking in the fine company of Dino, Paul McCartney and Mr. Connery, who is taking his cocktails in a bathtub.

The next best thing to plush furniture.


The Club Room
at the Soho Grand Hotel
310 W Broadway
New York, NY, 10013


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