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Conquering Antarctica by Private Jet

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Shackleton. Amundsen. Byrd. All great risk-takers. All legendary explorers of the Antarctic.

And now... you. And you’re risking... well, getting a cramp on a private jet.

Welcome to White Desert’s Emperors and Mountains Itinerary, a 10-day tour of all that Antarctica has to offer, taking reservations now for a November departure.

Your journey begins with a five-and-a-half hour flight aboard a champagne-stocked private jet from Cape Town to an ice runway in Antarctica. From there, you’ll go to base camp, which rests on a 200-foot icefall and is heated by wind and solar power. (There’s 24 hours of daylight—consider bringing a sleep mask.)

You’ll bed down inside a private tent, and have a chef at your service to whip up full English breakfasts, seafood and steaks. During the day, you can rappel into crevasses, explore ice caves and tunnels, or hop in a modded 4x4 and ride three hours to a virtually untouched mountain, where you’ll climb rocks and ice, cross-country ski and spend the night in a sculpted igloo. (You would never dare step inside an unsculpted igloo.)

And then comes the big day, when you’ll fly two-and-a-half hours to the emperor penguin colony, where you can witness the 6,000 waddling stars of March of the Penguins up close. After which—should you finally develop that cramp—you can sauna near a Russian science base.

Just be warned: that sexy Ruskie in the lab coat might be a spy.


White Desert’s Emperors and Mountains Itinerary


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