The Shining

Moonshine Bottle Service Arrives

UD - Original Moonshine The long weekend has come.

The long weekend has gone.

And still all you can think about is disappearing again. Dropping out. Living a life of solitude.

Perhaps out into the wooded mountainsides with only a rucksack, your banjo, the gentle breeze, an old coonhound, an outhouse and maybe some moonshine.

Actually, scratch that. We got a little carried away. But we may have stumbled onto something with the moonshine...

Introducing Original Moonshine, the old backcountry, back-porch, illegal hooch, available now for the first time ever in the world for your drinking and bottle-servicing pleasure in Manhattan.

If you have been searching long and far for the booze version of the Beverly Hillbillies, this is the stuff for you. Basically, it’s a backcountry, bathtub, hillbilly spirit, distilled four times to smooth it out and sweetened up so as not to induce fits of coughing, jaundice or incest. Gone: the risk of blindness. Remaining: unaged, clear, corn whiskey that indeed tastes like corn and plays nice with champagne buckets, gin and the Meatpacking District.
What that means for you is that there is a new way for you to show off your penchant for off-kilter discoveries while you’re out at, say, Provocateur and summon your hostess for a round of ’shine punches. And if you want to carry this all the way out, order a bottle, and as the sparkler fades to reveal a glass jug of Original Moonshine, your friends will marvel at your boozy resourcefulness.

We’re thinking a round of Moonhattans is in order.

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