Things to do for September 03, 2010

The Weekender

$1 Champagne, Playboy Auditions and Your Hair

The weekend is too big to fail.

Bridesmaids Gone Wild

Bridesmaids Gone Wild

Bridesmaids. Champagne, Disposable cameras. Tonight, Faith & Whiskey recreates your favorite kind of wedding—all reception, no ceremony. Girls will wear their tackiest bridesmaid atrocities for cash, prizes and $1 glasses of bubbly. You will be there to console the winners.

Sep 3, 5pm-2am, no cost, Faith & Whiskey, 1365 W Fullerton Ave, 773-248-9119

Haircut Deals on Oak Street

Haircut Deals on Oak Street

Summer has left your face tanned to golden-bronze perfection. Now, let’s turn your attention just a little higher. This stylish Gold Coast barber (okay, they call themselves a salon) is offering first-time customers $25 off men’s cuts (normally $45 to $55). We hear nice hair will be all the rage this fall.

Playboy Casting Event at Enclave

<i>Playboy</i> Casting Event at Enclave

Playboy apparently has some sort of new energy drink on the market. Nice. Now for the important part: they’re hauling their cameras to this cushy little demimonde to scout for 25 girls to be a part of the drink’s marketing team. Count on a high-energy evening for all concerned.

Sep 4, 9-11pm, $20, Enclave, 220 W Chicago Ave, RSVP here for free admission before 11pm

Southern Tiki Brunch at Trader Todd’s

Southern Tiki Brunch at Trader Todd’s

It’s that eternal brunch battle: somebody wants Crab & Conch Quiche, somebody else wants deep-fried alligator nuggets. Fine. Trader Todd’s it is, then. You’ll find fried chicken, coconut-cream cheese french toast and Swamp Water, a murky rum concoction served in mason jars. Coconuts shells have the weekend off.

Late-Night Beer Dinner

Late-Night Beer Dinner

Longman & Eagle is starting a monthly late-night dinner series called Night Moves, pairing five courses of your usual Tuesday night fare—you know, roasted pork cheeks, veal sweetbreads, crème brûlée—with five beers from Warrenville’s Two Brothers brewery. Don’t worry: they should have you home before dawn.

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