Gravy Train

Hot Dogs, Fries and Gravy from a Truck

UD - EatWonky Seems like everywhere you turn in this city, you’re bumping into wonks. Tax wonks, clean energy wonks, hair care wonks (we’re talking to you, John Kerry).

And now, french fries and gravy wonks.

With that in mind, allow us to introduce Eat Wonky, grand opening today as the latest (and most Canadian) food truck in town.

A former mail van done up in a psychedelic rainbow, this is like the Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test of food trucks. But instead of pharmaceutically altered ice pops, this one’s hawking poutine, that Canuck concoction of fries topped with herbed gravy and squeaky cheese (no one said Canadians didn’t talk funny).

Of course, you’ll follow them on Twitter, but tonight you can just look for them on U Street as you make the stops on your usual long-weekend-kickoff cocktail extravaganza (or catch them tomorrow night on H Street NE).

And when the mood strikes, you’ll be confronted with a few simple choices: the aforementioned fries and gravy, a truly enormous dog topped with the same fries and gravy, or grilled cheese with basil and crushed red pepper. Just be sure to save room for a 1am whoopie pie, in flavors like Nutella, peanut butter and chocolate mint.

Gravy on the whoopie pies is by request only.

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