Ladies of Sci-Fi

The Final Frontier

Movie Heroines, Stripped Down

UD - Ladies of Sci-Fi You’re a pretty die-hard film buff.

, Barbarella, Blade Runner―they’re all science-fiction classics, and they all happen to include a strong woman who, for one reason or another, tends to favor somewhat minimal clothing.

Well, it’s about to get more minimal. Introducing Ladies of Sci-Fi, a burlesque show here to sex up your hallowed canon of sci-fi cinema, now selling tickets for next week’s show.

If you haven’t already guessed, this comes to you from the mind of Courtney Cruz, the burlesque queen who reimagined Star Wars with more stripping earlier this year. This time around, the show’s at Bordello, and it’s got a wide-ranging cadre of futuristic women taking to the stage, all based on characters from sci-fi classics.

Picture a revised Alien in which a young Sigourney Weaver look-alike runs around in her underwear, battles a robotic whale and then engages in an erotic victory dance that leaves little to the imagination. Or consider Charlize Theron all dressed up as Aeon Flux, taking to the stripper pole. (Note: Charlize Theron not included.)

And before it’s through, you’ll see beauties portraying Pris from Blade Runner, Jane Fonda from Barbarella, The Robot from Metropolis and even Samus Aran, the bikini-sporting protagonist from the video game Metroid.

Princess Toadstool had another engagement.


Ladies of Sci-Fi
at Bordello
901 E First St
Los Angeles, CA, 90012

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