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New Party from the Promoters of French Tuesdays

4 Photos Sons of Essex
4 Photos Sons of Essex
You make the date...agonize over the perfect impressive pre-dinner cocktail...the right-year riesling...the scallop or foie-gras appetizer...a sultry after dinner spot...then (after many more cocktails) you make your move and hope for the best.

Well, life just got a little easier for those discriminating gentlemen who wish to make no effort but still achieve a "high return on investment"—welcome to the SheShe Party.

Pierre Battu and Charles Henry, founders of the successful French Tuesday parties have launched this new high-concept party that takes care of everything except how and when you make your move.

From 8-10 p.m. it's women-only at this upscale scene, where against a backdrop of house music and leather banquettes, the hosts provide a luxurious buffet, ample champagne and cocktails, not to mention entertainment (read: male exotic dancers)—all for free.

This idea might sound annoying to most guys who, since the very beginning of nightlife and dating, have had to pay for everything except napkins.

Fortunately, that's not where this party stops. At 10 p.m. men are finally allowed to enter this female-filled haven (also gratis) where, spread before them, lies a bounty of beautiful international women well-wined, well-dined, in-the-mood and desperately sick of hanging out with other girls. Cue the theme music of your inner pimp and, as you move across the room, think to yourself:

Thank you, Pierre. Thank you, Charles. Thank you.

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