Your New Camping Lighter

UD - Looftlighter Fall draws near. And with it, weekends spent getting back to your primal roots.

No, we’re not talking about doing shots in Faneuil Hall.

We’re talking about camping. And we’re fairly certain we’ve found something new for your backpack…

Introducing the Looftlighter, a mutant firestarter that’s part hair dryer, part blowtorch, and all badass gadgetry, now ready for your next campground-related inferno (or romantic log-cabin inferno).

Obviously, starting a fire isn’t exactly a difficult task given your expert survival skills forged over many hours of Man vs. Wild (and that one part in Cast Away).

But sometimes there’s rain—or you just want to show everyone who’s Prometheus—and for those times, you’ll want to reach for a certain macho blaze-sabre with the ability to pump out air at 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit (bow down, Bradbury).

To start, you’ll want to point the Looftlighter at some dry kindling for about 15 seconds, watch the embers ignite and slowly pull it back as the flames go from birthday candle-level to the third act of Backdraft.

But come prepared: you’ll need about 110 volts of electrical power to operate this firestick, so be sure to bring a generator.

A couple extinguishers wouldn’t hurt either.

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