Things to do for August 19, 2010

The Weekender

Crab Legs, Epic Beer-ing and... Swedes

The weekend connects with you on a deep, emotional level.

Half Off Gourmet Burgers and 40% Off Exclusive Dopp Kits

Half Off Gourmet Burgers and 40% Off Exclusive Dopp Kits

This week, Perks is bringing you half off your next gourmet burger delivery from BuiltBurger, the Seattle-based innovators of all things ground beef. (Mind-blowing flavors like Sriracha and Gruyère are just the beginning...) Plus: choose from three dopp kits from eShave, designed exclusively for UD readers, featuring their all-natural products and handmade razors, for 40% off. Your five o’clock shadow has been warned.

South Beach Crab Leg Party

South Beach Crab Leg Party

There are lots of reasons you’ll attend a party. Maybe it’s a fund-raiser. Maybe the host is a big-name pro athlete. Maybe there will be free-flowing vodka, tables piled high with king crab legs, shrimp cocktail and fried chicken. So, basically, tonight Cubs starter Ryan Dempster has you covered.

Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Screening

<i>Girl with the Dragon Tattoo</i> Screening

You’ve seen the book everywhere. You may even have considered giving it a read. But here’s an easier way: watch the movie. With cocktails. In the South Loop. And, sure, throw in some temporary dragon tattoos. Just be warned: it’s in Swedish with subtitles, so some reading is still required.

Basil Hayden's
Crispy Pig Face at Girl & The Goat


Crispy Pig Face at Girl & The Goat

When staring down the prospect of a wood-oven roasted pig face, even an adventurous eater like you may want a shot of liquid courage. Good thing this smoky dish—which is rounded out by tamarind, cilantro and a fried egg topper, and doesn’t look much like a face at all—offers flavor that’s the perfect complement for bourbon’s smokier notes. Try not to squeal.

411: Available at Girl & The Goat, 809 W Randolph St (between Halsted and Green), 312-492-6262
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25% Off at Sola

25% Off at Sola

Casually mention Foodie Friday when making reservations at Sola for Friday night, then feast on braised short ribs, Berkshire pork and Wagyu hanger steaks as usual. But when your bill arrives, something will be missing: 25% of the cost. Try to look surprised.

Aug 20 and 27, Sola, 3868 N Lincoln Ave (entrance on Byron), 773-327-3868

Mad Decent Block Party

Mad Decent Block Party

That sweaty melee of booze and music takes up its residence in front of the Hideout, now sponsored by Mad Decent, an East Coast dance label. Kid Sister, Willy Joy and others lead the charge, Goose Island provides food and beer, and a dunk tank provides the much-needed cooldown.

Epic Beer-ing in Oak Park

Epic Beer-ing in Oak Park

Ernest Hemingway. Frank Lloyd Wright. The guy who does Homer Simpson’s voice. Oak Park has sent some great talent into the world. Saturday, great talent comes back to it—in the form of 25 microbreweries offering 50 beers, along with live music and general merriment. Consider it a small thank-you to the town for giving us Betty White.

Aug 21, 3-7pm, $35-$75, Downtown Oak Park (Marion Street between North and Lake), 708-660-9912, tickets here

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