Things to do for August 19, 2010

The Weekender

Ice Cream, Doobie Shirts and Jaws

The weekend always needs a bigger boat.

Half Off Gourmet Burgers and 40% Off Exclusive Dopp Kits

Half Off Gourmet Burgers and 40% Off Exclusive Dopp Kits

This week, Perks is bringing you half off your next gourmet burger delivery from BuiltBurger, the Seattle-based innovators of all things ground beef. (Mind-blowing flavors like Sriracha and Gruyère are just the beginning...) Plus: choose from three dopp kits from eShave, designed exclusively for UD readers, featuring their all-natural products and handmade razors, for 40% off. Your five o’clock shadow has been warned.

Doobie Shirts at Uncle Pete’s

Doobie Shirts at Uncle Pete’s

If you’ve peeked in your closet recently and realized that a) you could use some sharp new button-downs, and b) the ones you already have don’t come equipped with a special bonus pocket, then you’re in luck. Uncle Pete’s just received a new crop of Wolf vs. Goat shirts, good for looking casually handsome and carrying your “medicine.” You know, like Advil.

Jaws' Birthday Means $1 Brews

<i>Jaws</i>' Birthday Means $1 Brews

Thirty-five years ago, the world was introduced to a legendary villain. No, not Reggie Jackson. We’re talking about the toothy, two-piano-note menace in Steven Spielberg’s Jaws. Today and tomorrow, you can catch a special screening of the terror classic while sipping $1 pints of Narragansett beer. You know Sam Quint would be there. If he hadn’t gotten eaten.

A Monstrous Food and Wine Fest

A Monstrous Food and Wine Fest

It doesn’t get much better than Newport, Rhode Island, in August. Actually, the only way it could get better would be if they decided to throw a humongous food and wine festival on the waterfront, featuring apps from some of Boston’s best chefs, multiple beer gardens and hundreds of regional and international wines to taste. All of which they’re doing this weekend.

It’s Saturday. Let’s Booze in Southie.

It’s Saturday. Let’s Booze in Southie.

Saturdays are great for enjoying the fine weather and pondering the greater mysteries of life. Then again, they’re also ideal for drinking in Southie. The massive bar crawl starts at Shenannigan’s in the early afternoon and moves through the major pubs along Broadway (Playwright, Boston Beer Garden). Keep your eyes peeled for a stray Wahlberg.

Aug 21, $15, 1:30pm at Shenannigan’s, 332 W. Broadway, register at 617-789-4070 ext. 245

Nice Day for an Ice Cream Battle

Nice Day for an Ice Cream Battle

After all the shirt-buying, wine-tasting, pub-crawling and shark-hunting this weekend, we figure by Sunday you’ll probably be ready for something sweet. At day two of the Ice Cream Showdown, you can land all-you-can-eat samples of the good stuff from PICCO, Stonyfield, b.Good, Batch and Toscanni’s. Now is the time to break out your sprinkles-dispensing belt.

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