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Behold: The Caviar Martini

UD - The Caviar Martini Listen, nobody should mess with the martini.

It’s chilled. It’s refined. And gin purists be damned, it’s full of vodka.

Although... if you threw in a little caviar, that wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. Yes, today we are here to introduce The Caviar Martini, now available at Petrossian.

There are a couple likely scenarios for your pending consumption of this treat. The first one is, maybe you’re looking to take your next two-martini lunch to new heights. (Fish eggs really show a client you care.) Or maybe your dinner date at Cecconi’s merits an extension, so you casually suggest a nightcap with a twist.

Either way, you’ll find your way to Petrossian, grab a quiet table on the sidewalk and order up a Caviar Martini. Soon, you’ll be presented with a cold glass filled with dry vodka and vermouth, with a clear skewer piercing its way through a cube of pressed caviar, a cocktail onion and an olive stuffed with more caviar. The result is a hint of extra brine, and a little bit of “I am drinking a martini with caviar in it.”

This comes to you courtesy of Petrossian’s new full-on liquor license, which also brings an influx of vodka flutes, Basil Gimlets and Russian Ciders (that would be vodka and apple cider).

Next up: the Caviar Old Fashioned...


The Caviar Martini
available at Petrossian
321 N Robertson Blvd
(north of Beverly)
West Hollywood, CA, 90048

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