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An App to Protect You from the Sun

UD - Sun Alert Lite No one likes to get burned.

We don’t care if you’re an FBI agent, a source for the Washington Post or just a dude on a rooftop in a Speedo.

It’s time to take some precautions. Yes, we’re talking about a tanning app.

Say hello to Sun Alert Lite, a nimble iPhone app that tells you how long you can safely carouse outdoors, now available for free.

Think of this as your new must-have the next time you’re manning the grill on a sailboat off the Keys, or embarking on an epic mojito-sipping session in the backyard of the Raleigh.

The way it works is simple. First, you’ll use the dials to choose from one of six skin types, which run the gamut from pale, freckle-prone redheads to dark Mediterranean-type complexions. Then you’ll enter in your SPF level and your environment—anything from an open beach to a realm surrounded by snow (good for those weekends in Aspen). Finally, the app will grab your location and draw on UV index info to calculate the amount of time you can safely stay out in the sun before burning.

There’s even a timer that will count down the minutes and alert you at the end with a “time over” message.

Which is your cue to move the party to your indoor hot tub in the spare rumpus room.

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