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It’s changing.


Only took a decade, but the most controversial 16 acres in America has a Freedom Tower going up and a Deutsche Bank building coming down.

But today we bring you a different reason to visit those grounds: the new Living Room Bar and Terrace at the W Downtown, opening today as your go-to for breezy, post-office rendezvous.

Among the new hotel’s 58 floors, you’ll want to concern yourself primarily with the fifth, which looks like where Judy Jetson would go for astro-cocktails if she worked at a galactic bond trading office: everything is shiny, white, metallic and glowing. Just like the future should be.

Stepping off the elevator, you’ll be dwarfed by the undulating ribbed ceiling, a strange organic shape pulsing with the heartbeat of thousands of recessed LED lights. Glide over to the bar, where you’ll find a more familiar take on downtown in the form of cocktails like the Brooklyn Bridge, Five Points and Dutch Courage, a jenever and tonic take on the English gin version.

But to really appreciate your locale, step onto the sprawling wraparound terrace, with the canyons of FiDi rising up all around, not to mention the Freedom Tower itself. Consider this your front row seat to the rise of New York’s next icon.

Because Lady Gaga can’t last forever.


Living Room Bar and Terrace
at the W Downtown
123 Washington St
New York, NY, 10006


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