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A Lobster Shack on Wheels

UD - The Rolling Lobster Shack from Red Hook Lobster Pound For great lobster, you’ve occasionally gone to great lengths.

A last-minute flight to Nantucket. Some sweet-talking of an old bearded guy in a yellow slicker. And we won’t even talk about those wooden traps you tried to set in the Potomac.

Those days, we’re happy to report, are over. The lobster’s now coming to you.

Presenting The Rolling Lobster Shack from Red Hook Lobster Pound, pulling up to downtown curbsides starting tomorrow to provide the lunchtime lobster fix you didn’t know you needed.

This is the work of a lobster-mad group of Brooklynites who truck the creatures down from Maine nearly every day. You’ll want to follow them on Twitter, of course, but it will be hard to miss the truck, silk-screened to look like a weathered wooden shack with a rusty tin roof.

When you approach the window—between the dispenser of Maine Root sodas and the flat-screen that plays original footage of Maine lobstermen—you’ll be confronted with a few simple options: Maine-style lobster or shrimp roll (served cold with mayo, lemon and celery) or a Connecticut-style lobster roll (whole claws and knuckle meat, warmed in butter). And, naturally, a whoopie pie for dessert (yes, it’s from Maine).

For starters, they’ll just be serving lunch, doing a maximum of two stops a day all around town. But on Fridays you’ll be able to get them to your neighborhood by organizing a Twitter campaign.

Either that, or wear a yellow slicker around your neighborhood.


The Rolling Lobster Shack from Red Hook Lobster Pound

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