Flavors of India at the Setai

Spice Trading

An Indian Feast for the Ages


To get over the hump, you need some spice in your day. Could be figurative spice, like a friendly game of strip poker among co-workers. Or it could be actual spice, like curry.

Let’s go with curry this week...

Introducing Flavors of India at the Setai, a torrid avalanche of tandoori and chutney happening every Wednesday at the South Beach hotel—and kicking off tonight with a world-renowned NYC chef.

So here’s the deal: once a week, the restaurant at the Setai transforms into a Bollywood wonderland, complete with everything but a gleaming Freida Pinto (or even Aishwarya Rai, if you remember her from her appearances on Oprah and 60 Minutes a few years ago... remember?).

You’ll come in with your samosa-loving ingenue, sink into a couple of regal leather chairs and get ready to feast like you’re the guy who had the Taj Mahal built: think impossibly tender tandoori lamb chops, elegant chutneys made with mango and chili, and sweet potatoes dusted with cumin and masala.

And tonight there’s one more reason to show up: chef-author Suvir Saran of NYC’s media-darling’d Dévi will be presiding over the action and gracing you with his Quintessential Rice Pudding, flavored with cardamom and saffron.

You always prefer your rice pudding be quintessential.

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