Bourbon Spring

A Body Scrub Made of Bourbon

UD - Bourbon Bubbler Body Scrub You’re no stranger to the magical powers of bourbon.

It has lessened the pain of a broken heart, enhanced the enjoyment of many a Seann William Scott vehicle and even inspired a few late-night office memos.

But you’ve never had the opportunity to bathe in it. Until now...

Say hello to Bourbon Bubbler Body Scrub, a magnificent cleanser that combines brown sugar, a rich gingersnap scent and some real Kentucky bourbon, now available for your next shower-related odyssey.

In short, this is the body scrub that Jack Daniel, Jim Beam and Evan Williams would cook up if they ever locked themselves in a room and vowed not to come out until they had invented a soap worthy of their legendary, drunken-stupor-laden reputations.

So the next time you want to step out of the shower feeling clean, refreshed and vaguely Southern-y, you’ll want to use a dollop from this 12-ounce jar, which contains a swill or two of Kentucky bourbon and leaves you smelling smoky with a hint of pecans.

And because the only thing more irresistibly Southern than the unmistakable whiff of Kentucky bourbon on your person is a rich golden-brownness to your complexion, you’ll be happy to hear that this body scrub won’t leave your skin with an oily residue, making it the perfect base for tanning.

Next up: gin sunblock...


Bourbon Bubbler Body Scrub

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