Room Mate Grace Hotel

On The QT

New Balazs Hotel & Bar Opens in Midtown

Finding a chill spot around Times Square for a drink is a little like finding good sushi in Nebraska—very hard. Around every lumbering mob of tourists lurks the peril you'll end up at TGIFriday's listening to people buzz about how "crazy" the China Club is late-night.

Find refuge in the bar at the newly opened Hotel QT.

Part of the Andre Balazs empire (Mercer; Raleigh in Miami Beach), the hotel features an intimate Euro-chic bar literally connected to a low-lit swimming pool, complete with underwater music and a swim-up bar. Plastic cups and a DJ booth overhead encourage "multitasking" while you swim, and cushy bleachers let voyeurs look on.

With a small non-descript sign and no plan to hire promoters, QT is intentionally keeping the scene low-pro; it's an ideal spot to throw a party (Radar Magazine and Duran Duran recently rented out the space) or just grab a mellow drink.

As you settle in, you may notice there's no lifeguard on duty. This might be because the pool's only chest-deep—or that jumping into a pool with you and your naked co-workers is too scary even for David Hasselhoff. Either way, it's one less person taking up valuable space.


Room Mate Grace Hotel
125 W. 45th St
(between 6th and 7th Aves)
Midtown West
New York, NY, 10036

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