Showing Some Skins

Golf Gambling with Your Phone

UD - GolfMoolah Today, we’d like to remind you of the majesty of golf.

The smell of fresh-cut grass. The sweet sound of a perfect drive. The beer cart girls. Running through the sprinklers wearing nothing but your green jacket from Augusta.

And, of course, fleecing your friends for a hundo a skin.

Which brings us to GolfMoolah, a new iPhone app that acts as your bookie and scorekeeper, available now.

Basically, it’s a scoreboard for your next friendly outing on the links. (And by friendly outing, we mean cutthroat gambling excursion.) After you fire it up, you’ll enter in the names and handicaps of everyone in your foursome, and find the course where you’re playing. (Well, assuming you’re not in some kind of rebel off-road golfing league.)

But here’s where things get interesting. You pick your game—options include everything from classic Skins to Bingo, Bango, Bongo—and enter in the monetary value of the bet (say, a condo per skin). And then... you play some golf. As you keep score through the app (and annihilate your competition), it’ll keep a running total of how much money you’ve earned that round. So when you finally tap in that final putt for 12 under, you’ll be presented with a list of who owes what to whom.

Good thing, since that beer cart girl has a way of making you lose track.

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