Keep on Truckin’

One-Stop Shopping for DC Food Trucks

UD - Food Truck Fiesta You’re a big fan of serendipity. Especially when it comes to sandwiches.

Trouble is, you never seem to know when one of our flurry of food trucks is going to pass you by. And you have better things to do than slog through pages of Twitter to find them.

But now, there is a better way.

Introducing Food Truck Fiesta, a new web-based clearinghouse for all your food truck tracking needs, online now.

The centerpiece of this long-overdue bit of code is a map of the metro area that starts out empty each day, then slowly populates with tiny icons as your favorite trucks from DC and NoVa begin to reveal their locations.

So with a couple clicks, you’ll be able to track down District Taco for a breakfast taco before your presentation for the defense contractors in Crystal City. Then find a banh mi from the Sâuçá truck on Capitol Hill before your meeting with Boehner (bring one for him too; the gift ban doesn’t apply to banh mi). And finally, satisfy your late-afternoon sweet tooth by sniffing out Curbside Cupcakes downtown.

If you want to go deeper, not to worry: the site incorporates all the trucks’ tweets, and even blogs about food truck trends, concerns and politics.

Because there’s no politics quite like food truck politics.

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