Wing King

A Trailer with Homemade Chicken Wings

UD - Wing Commander We couldn’t help but notice that the Miami Heat have gotten a little press coverage lately.

But today, we want to tell you about a different kind of heat. Specifically, chicken heat.

That’s right: hot, fresh, spicy poultry. From a new food trailer called Wing Commander, now rolling through town.

Think of it as a classic chicken-wing shack—only set on wheels and pulled by a truck—that you’ll see popping up all over the city during the day and occasionally at night.

When you track it down on Twitter or catch a sweet-and-tangy whiff of it outside your office, you’ll come face to face with a menu that’s refreshingly simple. For $5 you can order a dozen Victory Wings with one of five sauces: Ignition (“just enough heat to get your engine started”), Afterburner (“a sneaky heat” that promises to put you into a vague state of “overdrive”), Sweet and Sassy, Hold the Peppers or Better than Buffalo (a Miami creation that is allegedly superior to anything from upstate New York).

If you’re not in a wings state of mind (that’s chicken wings, not Paul McCartney Wings), they’ve also got burgers, chicken sandwiches and mushroom caps (known as Moo, Cluck and Fungus, respectively), plus an explosive half fry/half chip hybrid called Chippies.

This could be the greatest thing to happen to wings since Thomas Haden Church...

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