Ex Factor

Erase Your Ex Forever

UD - Ex-blocker Ex-lovers. We all have one. Or 20.

And if you happen to have one who, for good or ill, you’d rather never come across again accidentally, even in the infinite ether of the Internet, the time may be right to rid yourself of them for once and for all.

Online, that is. Today. Call it your “summer purge.”

Introducing the Ex-Blocker, a browser add-on for Firefox or Google Chrome that blocks the ex of your choice from your Internet life, available now.

Should you be in need of a self-imposed intervention of this sort, especially if you have firsthand knowledge of the old saying “the hottest love burns out the brightest,” this is your kind of embargo.

Here’s the deal: first, designate which browser you use, and enter in the name of your obsession, that painful memory or heartless Jennifer who wronged your 11th-grade self. Then, throw their Twitter account, Facebook page and even personal blog into the pile, and that’s that—all forms of their presence will be forever blocked from your browser, and you’ll be freed from crossing their virtual path again (4am drunk-dials notwithstanding).

You can even use it on awful celebrities and people you never want to hear about again.

Like “The Lakers,” for instance.

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