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NY Pizza and Italian Sodas on the Hill

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Your needs this time of year are simple: Burger. Pizza. Ice cream. Repeat.

So when you run across a chef who specializes in all three...

Welcome to We, the Pizza, soft-opening next week on Capitol Hill as the pizza half of Top Chef alum Spike Mendelsohn’s burgeoning burger-and-pizza empire.

You’ve been to Good Stuff Eatery next door, so you’ll recognize the vibe here. A wall of pizza pans, made-to-order Italian sodas and a huge aerial photo of a pizza truck amidst a crowd at the Woodstock festival (Jerry Garcia must have called it in).

The main attraction, however, is the NY-style slices, in expected (buffalo mozz and roasted tomato) and less expected (roasted potato and pancetta) varieties. You’ll watch them toss the pies while you order at the counter, before decamping to the red, white and black dining room upstairs (think of a White Stripes video, with more sausage). You won’t be empty-handed, however: you’ll take with you a growler full of one of their six tap beers. (Actual growling not discouraged.)

They’ll stay open till 11pm, so you’ll want to stop by for some post-Nats slices, perhaps with a side of garlic-parmesan wings and, yes, a Nutella s’mores sundae.

Strasburg always makes you hungry.


We, the Pizza
305 Pennsylvania Ave SE
Washington, DC, 20003


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