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Vietnamese Sandwiches on the Beach

UD - Miss Saigon Bistro So the weekend was a washout. On the bright side, you discovered the joys of grilling in the rain.

But today is a new day. Full of possibility, the chance of sun and maybe a crusty, Vietnamese-style baguette to brighten your spirits.

Say hello to Miss Saigon Bistro, South Beach’s first Vietnamese sandwich outlet, now open on Washington Avenue.

If you’ve ever sat on the beach and wished you’d brought a picnic basket full of banh mi—that Vietnamese/French mash-up of a baguette stuffed with pickled vegetables, cilantro and grilled pork, chicken or beef—this is your spot.

Owned by the same Saigon-born folks who helm the Coral Gables restaurant of the same name, this is where you’ll go when you have a hankering for those tasty Vietnamese sandos, rice noodles sautéed with shrimp and authentic dishes like pho—soul-warming soups made with beef, chicken or seafood.

The place is tiny (three tables, six chairs), so you’ll want to take your order to go and walk a few blocks to the beach, where you can enjoy your takeout with a view of the ocean.

And maybe an umbrella, just in case.

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