Rebel Yell

England’s Underground Bingo Club

UD - Underground Rebel Bingo Club The underground.

Land of secret liaisons, dimly lit burlesque encounters and parties that stretch into the following night and beyond. When anything goes down in the underground, you need to know about it. Even when it’s a bingo game.

Yes, bingo. And yes, you should be a little frightened...

Introducing The Underground Rebel Bingo Club, a uniquely deranged lunacy born in London and landing in the Big Apple for the first time next week.

The rules here are simple: there are no rules. Actually, these are the rules: “No boring people. No old people. No wankers.” What this all actually means for you is that after buying advance tickets, you’ll receive an email directing you to a secret warehouse, where you’ll be handed a bingo card, skepticism fully intact.

Now, between revelers swinging from the rafters and obscure DJs playing songs from strange lands, you might get distracted from your reason for being here: that momentous game of bingo, which is about to start—complete with dirty limericks, yellow jumpsuits and crushing defeats, just one number away from victory...

But there will also be ecstatic triumphs: when each number called is your own, until your card is filled in all the right places and you whisper that magic phrase.

“Another martini, please.”


The Underground Rebel Bingo Club

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