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Doing a 180

Norman Van Aken’s New Small-Plates Den

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Prediction: this weekend, you will experience fireworks.

So today we bring you the culinary version.

In the form of a never-ending marble bar, panoramic views of an open kitchen and a bevy of small plates from a James Beard award winner.

Introducing Norman’s 180, the new offering from rock-star chef Norman Van Aken, opening tonight in Coral Gables.

Think of Norman’s as your new go-to when you want to knock the socks off a business partner or a social acquaintance who could be The One (or at least The One for The Summer).

You’ll step in, passing the grand piano of the Westin Colonnade lobby, to find a plush dining room—it feels a bit like the personal library of a 19th-century spice trader, with walls lined by candles, exotic spices sealed in mason jars and bottles of wine instead of books (you can always read the labels).

Then, take a seat at the aforementioned lengthy marble bar or a half-booth and start perusing the goods—there are influences from Cuba, the Keys, the Yucatan and Asia, so you can wreak havoc on everything from steamed mussels with mango, Vietnamese beef stew or the Three Little Pigs, a triumvirate of BBQ baby back ribs, trotter cake and ham mac and cheese.

So much better than the Big Bad Wolf.

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