Things to do for June 24, 2010

The Weekender

Morning Beer, Pho Tacos and a Wild Pool Party

The weekend will be filmed entirely on webcam.

The 35-Cent Martini Returns

The 35-Cent Martini Returns

Back in the day, you started many a Thursday night with one of the Edison's famed 35-cent martinis. Well, on Wednesdays and Thursdays, that dirt-cheap martini is back. It's limited to one per person, but happy hour goes until 7pm—and cocktails, beer and wine are 40% off after round one.

Wed-Thu, 5-7pm, The Edison, 108 W Second St #101 (at Main), 213-613-0000

Xoia Soft-Opens in Echo Park

Xoia Soft-Opens in Echo Park

Before you drop into El Prado for a beer, you can now fuel up at an intriguing new Vietnamese restaurant next door. They've got standards like pho and banh mi, but the owner is a Mexico-born artist, so you'll also find cross-continental offerings like Pho Beef Tacos.

Soft-opens Jun 25, Xoia, 1801 W Sunset Blvd (at Lemoyne), Echo Park

Brown-Bagging It in the Morning

Brown-Bagging It in the Morning

Things are getting started early on Saturday at Blue Palms Brewhouse. If you buy a 9:30am VIP ticket, your brunch will be accompanied by samples of 24 craft beers. (Yes, 24.) Plus, it's a blind tasting, so the beers will all arrive in brown bags. We hope they're recycling.

The Cultural Pick
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Billy Zane: Artist


Billy Zane: Artist

A little-known secret of Billy Zane's artful performances is that since the days of Titanic, Zane has been lugging an easel and paint on location. The result is the series Killing with Love, which will be on display at Frank Pictures Gallery with an opening reception this Sunday. Apparently, Billy's finest work has yet to be seen—with apologies to Zoolander.

411: Jun 27, 6:30-9:30pm, no cost, Frank Pictures Gallery, 2525 Michigan Ave, 310-828-0211
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A Crazy Pool Party at Tony's

A Crazy Pool Party at Tony's

Downtown's darkest whiskey saloon has stepped boldly into the summer daylight to host what we're anticipating to be a wild, pansexual, hipstery party. You'll want to head straight to the parking lot, which is covered in Astroturf and topped with a pool and an inflatable waterslide. There'll be plenty of gratis Jell-O shots, and the beer's free for the first hour. See you at 12:01.

Jun 27, noon-6pm, $5 before 2pm, $8 after, Tony's Saloon, 2017 E Seventh St, 213-622-5523

Doughnut Shoppe Night at BLD

Doughnut Shoppe Night at BLD

This week's talk of doughnut-flavored ice cream has also got you craving... doughnut-flavored doughnuts. Good news: though Grace restaurant has closed for relocation, its legendary Wednesday doughnut nights now live on at BLD, the more casual sister restaurant just up the street. You've been meaning to increase your powdered-sugar intake.

Wednesdays, BLD, 7450 Beverly Blvd (at Vista), 323-930-9744

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