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You've been distracted.

And we can't blame you: you might be out hunting down a Malian World Cup ref right now.

But today, heading into Father's Day weekend, we'd like to point you in the direction of a little store that's here to remind you that the pageantry, nationalism and crazy hair of the World Cup will soon be gone. And baseball will still be there for you, even if that baseball is made of crocodile skin...

Introducing Bergino Baseball Clubhouse, a tiny clubhouse/baseball art gallery/store that makes luxuriously sheathed baseballs, now open in Union Square.

Your first clue that you've arrived will be a sign that reads just "Baseball Clubhouse." That simplicity follows inside: the whole place is decked out like a mini stadium (bleachers, lockers, groupies) and stocked floor-to-ceiling with baseball art, cuff links made of bits of the old Yankee Stadium, a vintage popcorn holder, buckets of colored suede baseballs and a framed Mark McGwire "Got Milk?" poster from when he was drinking so much "milk" that he broke the home run record.

The whole place is a labor of love from a former sports agent named Jay who once repped Mike Schmidt and Al Michaels, as well as Spuds MacKenzie (but that's a whole other story). He even made custom black suede balls for Derek Jeter last year.

Which Spuds MacKenzie promptly tore to shreds.


Bergino Baseball Clubhouse
67 E 11th St
(between University and Broadway)
New York, NY, 10003


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