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The Highest Rooftop Bar in the City

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The only thing better than one rooftop bar is two rooftop bars.

So on the heels of yesterday's Boom Boom roof unveiling, we bring news of another shining, open-faced plateau of alfresco cocktailing goodness.

Thirty-four stories above sea level.

Introducing Sky Room, the highest rooftop bar in Manhattan, opening next week for prime post-work liquid recreation at the new Marriott, Times Square.

Yes, we said it. Times Square. But you needn't worry about such trifles from so high in the air. Just waltz into the strangely petite hotel lobby and hit the little button that says "R" in the elevator. Stepping onto 33, you'll enter a sleek, fireplace-equipped lounge that feels like the future: a pink neon-encased bar, sparse tables by the windows and a giant yellow box hanging off the side of the building (perfect for smoking and thinking inside the box).

But a giant yellow box has never been enough for you: ascend the stairs to 34 and here you'll find yourself outside on the north side of the roof, surrounded by low-slung couches, a DJ and a retractable roof in case things get stormy.

Linger. But not too long. Eventually, you'll want to lead your office interns to the south side of the roof, where the downtown views are a little more expansive, the chaises and tables are all white, and a few private cabanas create a kind of Miami in the sky.

If Miami happened to be across the street from Port Authority.

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