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It's Monday, and we've got big news.

But only if you get excited by things like magnificent views of the city, magnums of champagne in the sky and blonde hair waving about just so in the breeze. Also, waterbeds.

Consider this your first official notice that The Standard Hotel Rooftop soft-opens tomorrow for private events and later this week for sunset champagne sessions.

We'll be clear in what we're saying here: in one short day you'll be able to experience all the opulence, frivolity and sequins of the high-altitude country club that is the Boom Boom Room alfresco.

So instead of seeing golden fireplaces, you'll walk into a retro wonderland that looks like what could very well have been Dean Martin's Vegas backyard in the '60s—the roof is covered in grassy synthetic turf, yellow and white wicker furniture dots the bar areas (there are two), and the glass walls that line the roof are flanked by white picnic tables and five oversize, round, pink waterbeds.

Just make your way from the elevator to the Black Room bar, then up a colorful staircase guarded by a swimsuit and condom vending machine (a device at the top of all good staircases). As night begins to gather overhead, and friends begin to cluster, you'll want to decamp to a waterbed, gaze up at the stars and succumb to the motion of the ocean.

Remember, it's not the size of the waves...


The Standard Hotel Rooftop
848 Washington St
(at W 13th St)
New York, NY, 10014


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