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The Starbucks of Israel Is Here

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Chances are, you're reading this in the late afternoon. That time of day when you're crashing and need a little caffeinated pick-me-up.

From the kind of coffee Bar Refaeli was raised on. (Or so we assume...)

Introducing Aroma Espresso Bar, a modern den of cappuccinos and Mediterranean delights, now open two blocks from the ocean in Sunny Isles.

If you've ever had a hankering for ridiculously strong European coffee and healthy fast food all within a mod, futuristic setting, this is a very special day for you. The Israeli import is considered the Starbucks of the Holy Land, and they've recreated the chain's trendy look with polished wood tables, red and black chairs and a curved, Jetsons-like ceiling.

You can arrive as early as 7am, shuffling out to the patio with the newspaper, a cup of piping hot espresso and a Middle Eastern breakfast of salad, marinated olives, feta cheese and fresh bread.

But you'll also be plenty comfortable inside, where you can open your laptop and start your work in peace—or, later on, sink some Israeli beers with your date before hitting the movie theater in Aventura.

It's always better to go into Letters to Juliet with a buzz.


Aroma Espresso Bar
150 Sunny Isles Blvd
Sunny Isles, FL, 33160


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