Flavor Tripping Party at {three} sheets

Little Miracles

Miracle Fruit at {three} sheets

UD - Miracle Fruit at {three} sheets You tend to know things.

And you've always had a small army of little birdies whispering sweet intel nothings into your ear.

So you may have already heard rumblings about a mysterious food item that arrived stateside by way of West Africa, and has since partied its way through the likes of New York, Chicago and LA.

It's called the Miracle Fruit—a strange red berry that rewires your taste buds and turns all things sour into all things sweet—and it's available starting tomorrow, for the first time in the Southeast, at the Flavor Tripping Party at {three} sheets.

Think of it as a shock and awe campaign on your palate, where goat cheese tastes like cheesecake, a bold cabernet tastes like a sugary port, and the snozberries do not taste like snozberries.

If you think you've tried it all by now, you may be in for a rude (yet fantastical) awakening. Weave past the maroon velvet curtains and into the dimly lit, French Bordeaux of a lounge where you'll settle into dark leather couches with 19 others and prepare to free your tongue's mind.

You'll then be presented with a berry, which you'll swirl around your tongue for as long as possible (the longer the swirl, the trippier the trip), and a series of small plates to pit it against. It's pretty much the only place on earth where chasing a spoonful of sour cream (vanilla yogurt) with a shot of hot sauce (sauce minus the hot) is considered socially acceptable.

Unless you're in Vegas.


Flavor Tripping Party at {three} sheets
6017 Sandy Springs Circle
(at City Walk)
Atlanta, GA, 30328

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