Things to do for June 03, 2010

The Weekender

Keggers, Pig Parties and BYOB Patios

The weekend is your championship season.

Brand-New Perks

Brand-New Perks

This week, Perks is getting you the VIP treatment at the Playboy Club's 50th Anniversary bash. You'll also get a chance at an hour-long tennis lesson with the legendary John McEnroe, who'll give you tips on everything from charging the net to the proper way to berate a myopic line judge. Yes, we are being serious.

Jam Patio Opens

Jam Patio Opens

Your brunches here have been a thing of beauty. Dinner, a work of art. So when this BYOB starts serving its $24 prix fixe dinner alfresco, it's only sensible its patio should double as a sculpture garden, filled with life-size sculptures of horses, pigs and other critters. Petting allowed.

Wed-Sat, Jam, 937 N Damen Ave, 773-489-0302

Nana Opens for Dinner

Nana Opens for Dinner

This stretch of Bridgeport near the Cell isn't exactly your first thought when it comes to culinary treasures. So we thought you'd like to know that this breakfast and lunch spot now has dinner, meaning you're never far from a grilled chimichurri skirt steak when you really need one.

Now open for dinner, Nana, 3267 S Halsted St (at 33rd), 312-929-2486

Beer Hoptacular at Aragon Ballroom

Beer Hoptacular at Aragon Ballroom

Think of this as the world's biggest kegger. You'll sip your way through 200 craft brews, munch beer-appropriate food (we're sure pretzels will be involved), and learn something about home brewing. In case you like your microbrews incredibly micro.

Jun 4, 6:30-10:30pm, Jun 5, 1-5pm and 6:30-10:30pm, $45, Aragon Ballroom, 1106 W Lawrence Ave, 773-561-9500

$3 Ice Cream Sandwiches

$3 Ice Cream Sandwiches

Your Wrigleyville shenanigans are legendary, yet none have involved ice cream sandwiches... until now. Blue Sky celebrates its new shop with sour cream ice cream stuffed into chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter oatmeal filled with cinnamon ice cream, and gingersnaps with a big dollop of lemon curd ice cream in between them. Sandwich-making may never recover.

Jun 5, Blue Sky Bakery, 3720 N Lincoln Ave, 773-880-9910

Patio Pig Party in Logan Square

Patio Pig Party in Logan Square

The gods of summer have spoken: a pig must be sacrificed. Sauce shall be slathered. And beer—preferably something from Texas—shall be drunk. So your hedonistic deities will be greatly pleased as you worship at the altar of unlimited pulled-pork sandwiches, baked beans, housemade BBQ chips, coleslaw, cornbread and $3 Shiner Bock.

The Cultural Pick
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World Premiere Weekend at the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra


Moby Dick, Now with Puppets

If Moby Dick was missing one thing, it was a puppet-based interlude. So puppeteer Blair Thomas is correcting that gross oversight with a show inspired by a chapter of the book, titled The Book of Jonah, with some dinner, drinks and an unusually raucous literary crowd on the side. Spoiler alert: the whale always wins.

411: Jun 8, 7-9pm, $125, location provided upon purchase, tickets here
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