Wine and Tater Tots by the White House

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You've got your go-to power spots, those places where you charm new clients, quash legislation and—on your better days—save the world.

Yet come nightfall, you rarely darken their doors, preferring as you do your other rota of intimate tables and romantic nooks.

That's about to change, because Equinox, the longtime power favorite across Lafayette Park from the White House, is now renovated and reopened, giving you a slightly more... intimate reason to return after-hours.

You'll still recognize the sunny atrium up front, and you'll be back there soon enough for some rainmaking at lunch. But this weekend, your business should be in the newly refurbished back dining room, where two intimate booths on the back side of the bar (Nos. 11 and 12, when you reserve) await for a different, more personal form of rainmaking.

Or, for something a bit more... presidential, reserve a spot in the private wine room (where Barack and Michelle dined, pre-inauguration), and order up some Crispy Blue Crab Spring Rolls or Black Angus Beef Strip Loin with Bleu Cheese Potato Tots. (You've always said your tater tots could use some more strip loin.)

As the summer warms up, they're planning a beer garden-style happy hour at their sidewalk café, with housemade pretzels and a rotating array of microbrews from their taps.

We hear Professor Gates and Officer Crowley are invited.

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