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This weekend is more than just a three-day weekend.

It's a time to reflect on our nation, remember our history, our sacrifices, our triumphs... also our amazing furniture.

And if that furniture also happens to be dripping with the very essence of the hardscrabble American spirit of yore, then you might take a moment this Memorial Day weekend to put down the apple pie and the baseball mitt and acquire some new hardware.
Introducing Strawser & Smith, a small museum/antique shop/furniture store with a collection of cool things and relics born in factories that won us a few wars.

Think of this stuff as the kind of solid, indestructible, industrial-tough furniture that sprung forth from places like Cleveland and Youngstown. The kind of stuff that will make you softly whisper to yourself, "They don't make it like they used to."

We're talking about a WWII foldaway naval barber chair that turned the aft deck into a barbershop and can now turn your living room into a parlor of vintage.

Should you require additional storage space for your fedoras, you'll find a weathered rack of numbered factory lockers that once held the literal nuts and bolts of American ingenuity.

Or head back to Prohibition days with a Klieg spotlight from the '20s, rewired and made fully functional to illuminate your companions with the same glow that Ziegfeld once bathed his showgirls in.

A whole different brand of American ingenuity.


Strawser & Smith
487 Driggs Ave
Brooklyn, NY, 11211


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