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Bangkok Lands in the Mission

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Memorial Day weekend.

Three sweet days of indulgence, escape and—if you play your cards right—Thai nachos.

Let us help you play your cards right...

Introducing Another Monkey, a new lounge where you can satisfy your appetite for Southeast Asian indulgence, opening tomorrow in the Mission.

Located in the old Conduit space, this place looks like a Buddha-filled Thai temple that's been dropped into a maze of exposed metal electrical pipes, which—after a couple of drinks—starts to look like a silvery bamboo forest. (Okay, after a lot of drinks.)

You'll want to start at one of the tables made from an old Thai drum. (They're easy to spot, as they're near the fireplace.) Kick off a date (or a night with friends) with a round of My Thai Mai Tais—basically, regular mai tais, but with three kinds of rum.

Then grab a banquette in the dining room for some Thai delicacies like seared pork neck or one of about a dozen curries, including a pork belly option. But your stay isn't complete until you've sampled some Tom Yum Shrimp Nachos, served on fried wonton tortillas.

You've been thinking your nachos could use more Tom Yum.


Another Monkey
280 Valencia St
(at 14th)
San Francisco, CA, 94103


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