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Your New Poolside Speaker

UD - The Wireless Waterproof MP3 Speaker Another pre-summer heat wave today.

Which naturally brings to mind pool parties. Only this year, you need to take your pool-party atmosphere up a notch. The iPod sitting 75 feet from the water isn't cutting it.

You need The Wireless Waterproof MP3 Speaker, a sound system that doesn't mind getting a little wet, now available.

Basically, this is the boom box that Aquaman would bring to any pool-related function thrown by the Super Friends. It's wireless, it runs on batteries, and it packs a 12-watt subwoofer and 3-watt tweeter range (that's Circuit City talk for "It sounds great").

So picture it: a backyard pool party festooned with attractive women in bikinis, inflatable lounge chairs and some miscellaneous pairs of water wings. You show up with this audio game changer, connect an MP3 player to its transmitter and set the main unit a couple of feet from the pool ladder. Suddenly your Monsta Jamz compilation is turning that pedestrian game of water volleyball into a rousing match of chicken. Or at least Marco Polo.

And in the course of entertaining the undressed masses, should a particularly full cup of beer be dropped on top of it, it will keep playing songs, since it's waterproof.

Just don't play Jock Jams. Wrong scene.


The Wireless Waterproof MP3 Speaker

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