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Blitzed Out

Chilling Your Beer with Science

UD - Blitz Chiller Beer + warm weather = good times.

And yet.

Beer + warm weather = warm beer.

You'll be happy to know that this is where science steps in.

Which brings us to the Blitz Chiller, a first-of-its-kind beer chiller, devoted to getting your suds ice-cold at mind-blowing speeds, available now.

Now, you've probably seen something similar for wine, but for some reason, no one has thought to apply this robust science to beer, until now. You'll start by adding a little ice and cold water to this one-bottle portable gizmo. Then, the magic happens: you'll drop in your beer, wave your fingers over it, old-timey magician-style, then flip a switch. (If you don't wave your fingers, it will not work. Trust us.)

Your beer will spin rapidly inside, absorbing the cold thanks to the scientific-sounding-enough-for-us Cooper Cooling Process™, which will get your beer drinkably frosty in about two minutes for cans, or five for bottles. (Spoiler alert: it's still beer.)

So imagine the scene: a backyard BBQ, and someone has committed the sin of bringing over a warm six-pack. Simply promise to remedy the situation. Disappear. And return with cold beers. Or say there's an emergency beer outage at a summer wedding—this is your chance to be the hero.

Brides have a way of going through cold ones.

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