Vintage Sounds

Blasting Tunes Like It's 1904

UD - iVictrola Fridays are about doing crazy things and looking really ridiculous and recovering in time for brunch on Saturday.

So it's appropriate that today we bring you word of the iVictrola, a new handmade iPod dock that combines a vintage Magnavox phonograph horn and your love for retro electronics, now available.

First of all, we should make one thing clear: it's not electric. At all. There's no outlet, no plug, no fuss.

Just like the phonographs of old, the iVictrola uses a giant metal horn to capture the music coming from your iPod and crank it out with a touch of historical flair (we're guessing the RCA dog would be just as mesmerized by this).

All you have to do is drop your iPod or iPhone into the open slot on the hand-constructed walnut base, make sure your volume is up, and the dock does the rest. Sound is caught by the bottom of the horn and reverberates up the cone via the natural conductivity of metal—and the resulting quality will be eerily similar to the kind flappers and hip-cats danced to back in the Roaring '20s.

This may be the best way to finally introduce your grandmother to Jay-Z.

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