Koo Koo Room

Koo d'État

Covert Bottle Service in Midtown

UD - Koo Koo Room You've dabbled on rooftops.

Fresh air. Probably some champagne. The occasional BASE jump (weather permitting).

But there's also something to be said for a more... stealthy approach to your late-night dealings.

Introducing the Koo Koo Room, a semi-hidden, semi-cryptic den of underground nightlife carnage, now open in Midtown.

Your journey begins as you bob and weave your way through the throng outside Flip Flops—which is a clever smoke screen for what now lies in the basement of that very building. Find your way to the dark stairwell just to the left of the line, which will take you down to an unmarked door.

What awaits inside is nook after cranny of intimate, couch-hopping, bottle service potential. The space as a whole (floor-to-ceiling wood, exposed concrete walls, ornate rugs) is built for comfort, not speed—then the DJ shows up, and things take a decidedly more debaucherous slant from there.

We should also mention that Wednesday (tonight, if you're keeping score) is Industry Night at KKR, where bartendresses, shot purveyors and other mythic beasts of nightlife gather to blow off a little steam.

Luckily, you share an agenda.


Koo Koo Room
1140 Crescent Ave
Atlanta, GA, 30309

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