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Ah, the Chesapeake.

Where grizzled men in wool sweaters pluck oysters and blue crabs. Where Washington's old-money set retreats to their boats. Where you can still play a round of pickup croquet.

Which brings us to The Chesapeake Room, a well buffed, nautical-looking temple of Virginia meat and Maryland fish on Barracks Row, booking large parties now.

This is the kind of spit-shined seafaring spot where Melville might have been inspired to write Moby Dick—if that spot had housemade bacon, infused vodka and a 300-gallon fish tank. (The tank actually figures heavily in the oft-overlooked Moby Dick 2: Electric Boogaloo.)

Your crew will settle in at the long bar of lacquered curly maple and order up plates of Horseradish Fried Oysters (served with the aforementioned bacon), along with a couple bottles of Virginia viognier.

But soon, it will be time to repair out to the covered patio where you'll nestle into plush, high-backed chairs (no cheap plastic numbers here), while your thoughts turn from surf to turf—namely to Double-Smoked Pork Chops with Onion Tart and Bison Burger with Foie Gras Dipping Sauce.

Because you never go to sea without foie gras dipping sauce.


The Chesapeake Room
501 8th St SE
(at E St)
Washington, DC, 20003


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